Are you ready to become a leading fiber operator? Scale your business with a world-class software solution

    To succeed and grow, you as a fiber operator, must manage your entire customer journey. As a purpose-built platform, Netadmin supports the entire customer journey with high level of automation.

    Netadmin is often used as a turnkey solution for greenfield operators, lowering their time-to-operations combined with our best practices. As it is designed from your needs, you will receive standard functionality to automate many of your processes for the end-to-end journey for your subscribers.

    Controlling the end-customer journey

    Do you have too many gaps in your operations that hinder you from growing and optimizing your business?

    To run a successful fiber network, you need to have good margin levels on the ARPU for your services. To achieve this, you must optimize the operations of your network and keep your OPEX as low as possible. 

    If you look at your operations from a holistic perspective, you will gain an overview of all processes in your network. We call this the customer journey.

    To optimize this customer journey is essential, but at the same time, it is important to create an excellent customer experience for your customers, to stay attractive for your prospective customers.

    We have divided the end-customer journey into four different steps that you, as a fiber operator, need to handle.


    Get Connected

    Address check - your end-customer can check if your services are available. Depending on the results of the search, you can give the end-customer different options, such as register interest or sending them to the order process. Netadmin manages everything from behind, and if you have a wholesale/open access model, this data will be available for the service providers. A workflow in Netadmin will orchestrate the delivery process – from activating the CPE/ONT to onsite installation.  

    Order Services

    Let your end-customer see your offerings - or change an existing service. In the back, Netadmin will make sure that the correct provisioning workflow is triggered and, if necessary, Netadmin will perform the network configuration. It does not matter if you have different campaigns or deals, Netadmin will handle them as well.  


    Get Services

    When the FTTH connection is ordered, you need to ensure that you can deliver the service quickly and smoothly. When your technician installs the CPE/ONT it needs to be verified, and the correct services need to be activated. 

    Use Services

    When you have a customer, you need to provide good support and resolve potential problems as soon as possible when they appear. Do not worry, Netadmin has you covered here as well. In the end, your customers need to pay for their services. Netadmin creates billing data so you can produce correct invoices for your customers. 


    The customer journey from a fiber operator's perspective

    From the fiber operator's perspective, the customer journey is more complex than from an end-user perspective.

    In the image below, you can see the steps that are in the customer journey. Every step has its challenges and difficulties, which you need to manage. Without a purpose-built solution, you will end up with customizations and the –development of generic products.


    From a fiber operator's perspective, there are many processes you need to handle that might not be obvious in the end-customer journey. Netadmin helps you automate and manage different tasks in all the steps in the above customer journey.

    Netadmin Nine is an end-to-end solution with Capabilities and Add-ons addressing the processes in the customer journey.


    This is Netadmin Nine

    Netadmin is a purposely built software solution for fiber operators and fiber network owners. Netadmin has a well-defined framework of generic features organized in Capabilities and Add-ons, configurability, and adaptability to customize and support the individual needs of customers.

    It will help you automate many of your processes helping you to build the perfect fiber journey.

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    Customer Service Fulfillment

    Provisioning of broadband services is one of the most critical processes for you as an operator. As the customer base grows the operational expenses of service fulfillment will increase exponentially when done manually or inefficiently. The solution to this is a fully automatic service fulfillment process which requires a combination of smart network design, organizational readiness and finally support systems which fully automate customer service fulfillment. The Customer Service Fulfillment capabilities of Netadmin enables you to connect large volumes of customers without increasing staff, thus keeping expenses down.

    Customer Experience Management

    The broadband market is highly competitive and to minimize customer churn, it is vital to deliver a good experience to your customers. With the Customer Experience Management capabilities of Netadmin, we enable you to provide a better experience for your customers with self-service, higher service quality, reduction of request handling time. Keeping customers satisfied is the best way of ensuring long-term sustainability.

    Add-ons and Portals

    Together with our customers we continuously work with innovation and enhancements of our solutions in form of add-ons and portals.

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