Rolling out a fiber network and creating a profitable fiber business is a big challenge from both a technical and business perspective. We have over 15 years of experience helping fiber operators increase revenue, profitability and customer satisfaction by getting them in control of their operations, automate key business processes and enable sustainable growth.

Netadmin is a complete fiber OSS product suite that helps you increase profitability, operational efficiency and enable growth by automating day-to-day processes and tasks. The product suite is flexible, and its capabilities and Add-ons can complement, or interface with, your existing systems as required, or be deployed as a complete turnkey solution depending on your needs and future plans.







Customer Service Fulfillment

Provisioning of broadband services is one of the most critical processes for you as an operator. As the customer base grows the operational expenses of service fulfillment will increase exponentially when done manually or inefficiently. The solution to this is a fully automatic service fulfillment process which requires a combination of smart network design, organizational readiness and last but not least support systems which fully automate customer service fulfillment. The Customer Service Fulfillment capabilities of Netadmin enables you to connect large volumes of customers without increasing staff, thus keeping expenses down.

Customer Experience Management

The broadband market is highly competitive and in order to minimize customer churn it is vital to deliver a good experience to your customers. With the Customer Experience Management capabilities of Netadmin we enable you to provide a better experience for your customers with self-service, higher service quality, reduction of request handling time. Keeping customers satisfied is your best way of ensuring long-term sustainability.

Add-ons and Portals

Together with our customers we continuously work with new innovation and enhancements of our solutions in form of add-ons and portals.