Self-service for network owners, e.g. estate owners

This portal is used for network/communication operators that operates a passive infrastructure owned by an external company. 


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Watch a demo of how you can offer self-service for external parties 

One of our Product Managers provide a walkthrough of the add-on in a demo.

Network Insight Portal - Short demo

Creating insight and self-service for network owners, e.g. estate owners is not a trivial thing to accomplish, but a very important business goal anyway.

How valuable is self-service for your network owners?


Facilitate automation and provide information to network owners

The portal allows network owners to login to a portal and search and view subsets of addresses, sites and devices and access information about services and tickets. The portal provides a selection of basic management tools by standard and it can be extended with custom views. The network owner role includes estate owners and city networks and the portal is provided by the network operator.

The city network or estate owner also want to get insight in the addresses and their status. Are they connected to a port or not? Are they installed and fully functioning? Those questions can be addressed directly via the portal provided to the estate owner.

Provide a structured and simple way for network owners to cooperate with you as a network operator

It is a competitive advantage to offer self-service for your external parties. It lowers operational workload and gives your external parties a powerful tool.

With this add-on installed, you do not need to spend your valuable time on complex business logic and instead offer self-service to your external parties, e.g. network owners.

Newly built addresses can be added directly

When the city network or estate owner builds new or change passive infrastructure they want to update the addresses that the network operator operates. This can sometimes be a hassle full of errors. If they have a portal where they can upload and quality check the address data directly the errors are minimized.  

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