Privacy Control

Get in full control of how customer personal data is

handled and accessed in Netadmin



What does it mean for you if…?

 You do not know who's doing what with your customers' personal data?

You can not audit access to your customers' personal data and proactively detect and take action on any type of misuse. In the end you are not taking the necessary measures to protect the privacy of your customers.

 You do not have full control over all changes of your customers' personal data?

You are not in control of how customer personal data is managed and updated. E.g. you do not really know which customer had a specific email address or phone number at a specific point in time.

Privacy Control for Netadmin

Proactively protect your customers' privacy

As a fiber operator, you handle personal data of your customers daily. In order to ensure the privacy of your customers and avoid sanctions, it is your responsibility to make sure that you fully comply with applicable regulations and laws (e.g., GDPR). In many cases that means that you need to log all processing of personal data which occurs in your Netadmin system.

The Privacy Control Add-on addresses this by generating a log stream of all personal data processing events which can be forwarded to a SIEM solution.

This ensures that you have the means to detect unlawful or unauthorized types of personal data access and comply with applicable regulations and laws.


Customer change history

In addition to being in control of how customers' personal data is accessed you also need to be in control of any changes to your customers' personal data. This is solved by the Privacy Control Add-on by logging all changes made giving you a full customer change history. The change history is directly accessible in Netadmin GUI when viewing a customer.


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