Add-on – Work order management

Module for scheduling and managing fiber installations.

Work Order Management enables scheduling and managing fiber installation, maintenance, and repair work orders.

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Work Order Management will allow you to schedule and manage work orders, typically for fiber installation, maintenance, or repair. 

Work Order Management add-on is integrated within Netadmin. It becomes easy for subscribers to schedule a free time slot for installation or upgrades using a self-service portal or similar tool.

Digitizing and automating the management of work orders is an important part of a customer onboarding journey. It enables hassle-free and efficient installations, upgrades, and maintenance.

The Netadmin Work Order Management add-on helps you book and schedule work orders on available resources. It is also possible to obtain free available time slots via API and allow customers to book an available time slot for installation, upgrade, or maintenance through a customer portal or using customer communication methods.

With work order management, it is possible to create your own work order types. These types are linked to skill sets, geographical areas, estimated required time slots, contractors, task lists, and properties.

It is possible to use workflows in work order management so that the work order doesn't only proceed in a sequential flow but could take different paths based on choices made in the work order.



Effective management of work orders is crucial for fiber operators. These work orders involve installing, maintaining, and repairing fiber optic networks.

Management of work orders is important for fiber operators

The Netadmin Work Order Management add-on is a powerful tool for fiber operators who use internal or external resources for their field work. It has been designed to meet the needs of fiber operators and was developed in close cooperation with a successful fiber operator.

There are also some fundamental components in a work order for modeling the status of the work order. There is something called "system status" that can be changed by the resource, and there is something called "sub-status" that is linked to the system status, but can be changed by the resource in some cases.

The back office staff has a certain view of all resources and booked work orders. They also have an easy-to-use tool for scheduling work orders.

The field technicians have, what we call, a resource view that they access using their mobile device. They have a daily task list, a work order overview, and the possibility to communicate directly with the customer. They also have the possibility to add photos, notes, and structured information to the work order.

One important aspect of work order management is that there are functionality to communicate with the customers, either via pre-defined message templates, scheduled and event-triggered send outs or by free text. This minimizes a lot of problems and delays in the installation or onboarding journey.


Benefits with Netadmin Nine:

  • Perfect fit for fiber operator needs

  • Optimize fiber order journey by enabling subscribers to schedule installation timeslots

  • Work orders for installation, repair, upgrades and maintenance

  • An easy-to-use view for both field technicians and backoffice

  • Designed together with a fiber operator

  • Highly automated and digitized solution, pre-integrated with Netadmin 




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Whether you want to automate different tasks, improve your customer service fulfillment or get better control over your customer care, Netadmin has a solution to help you grow.

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