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Helping field installers verify a connected household


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The Fiber Installation Portal helps field installers of fiber connections to document their work and also verify a connected household. It also supports address verification by the customer.


Are your field installers spending too much time on getting the installations correct?


What if you had a solution that would remove errors when onboarding a new customer?

Errors when onboarding a new customer will often take valuable time from your field installers – time that could be spent on other problems and needs.


How much time is your team spending on unnecessary customer visits?

By verifying the installation and get the correct connection the first time, you don’t only free up your time for your field installers you will also create a smoother and more positive experience for your customers.




Fiber Installation Portal is a web portal that is used by field engineers and customers to activate a premise for services. The main purpose is to support the customer on-boarding process by either verifying that patching/splicing has been done correctly in the network or to document address to port mapping correctly in Netadmin.


Key Functionality

This portal has the following key functionality:

  • Verify a correct address to port mapping which is necessary for future service ordering and provisioning
  • Verification of addresses using verification codes
  • Issue reporting using tickets
  • User management and logging
  • Installation statistics and reporting
  • Default authentication mechanisms are included with possibilities to add custom ones
  • Configure browser HTTP redirection rule after activation, e.g. external login to end customer portal

Installation process

The premise activation is done with the following steps:

  1. The field installer or customer is redirected to the portal for a non-activated address.
  2. The portal detects which port the premise is connected to.
  3. It is possible to login or continue with activation directly without login.
  4. If the user logs in it is possible to map the port to an address if that isn’t done already.
    1. Technical information is shown to the user.
    2. Possibility to either display or enter signal level values.
  5. If activation is allowed, then user is presented with confirmation option of the address and if configured an input field for activation code.
  6. The end customer is notified of the results. 

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