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As a fiber operator, you handle personal data of your customers daily. To ensure the privacy of your customers and avoid sanctions, it is your responsibility to make sure that you fully comply with the GDPR. To simplify compliance, we have packaged several supporting tools and functions into a GDPR Compliance Add-on which extend your Netadmin deployment. This Add-on is available for all currently supported versions of Netadmin including Netadmin 8.6, Netadmin 8.7, Netadmin 9.0 and Netadmin 9.1.


Have you made sure that you are ready for GDPR?


 Do you know what to do when a customer invokes the right to erasure?

Handling of personal data is a necessary and natural part of the way you interact with and service your customers. But this requires you to be in control of what personal data is stored, where it is stored and how to erase it when necessary. One reason for erasure can be your customers invoking their right to erasure. This Add-on will make sure that customer personal data is thoroughly removed from your Netadmin system in accordance with GDPR. 

 Do you know how to track customer consent for processing their personal data?

There are several different lawful basis for processing personal data. One such basis is by collecting consent from your customers. It is important to be able to both prove that you have consent but also to handle withdrawal of consent. If this is not documented correctly, you are not in control of which customers have given consent and not. Consequently, you are therefore not compliant with the GDPR. This Add-on gives you the possibility to document and handle customer consent in a structured and professional manner. 

With the GDPR Compliance Add-on you can focus on your core business while resting assured that your IT systems support you in following the requirements of GDPR. Contact us today and we will help you get started.


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