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Software for the fibre journey

Why standard CRM tools don’t work for fibre operators

Growth and smooth operations are what you are looking for. To be able to do this you need to have control over your customer’s entire journey – From presenting available offerings on a portal to a fully automated delivery to a real-time deep insight of the customer's experience.

Do you really have control over your processes?

There are a lot of processes between the network and your customers. A CRM is just a thin layer in this stack. Without a proper tool to handle these processes you will end-up with multiple, and often complex, customizations of your CRM tool.


These processes are the heart and veins of your business and need to be rock-solid. They involve interacting with the customer but also interacting with the network and require much more than what a standard CRM tool provides. Each customization, system integration and "we can build that"-solution will add to the complexity, inflexibility and risk of your setup.

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Above, you have an overview of the processes between your customers and your network. Many of these processes are crucial for your business, processes that need to be handle by software.

Grow with automation

To grow your fibre business, we’ve learned a few key factors for success. You need robust and well-defined processes.

The complexity is behind the scenes

To be able to automate and get a highly efficient process, everything needs to be connected. The problem ticket is connected to where in the network the potential problem is, the problem ticket is also connected to a physical address and this connected to a subscription. This is just one example on how important it is having everything connected. In Netadmin these connections come as default. 


This is Netadmin

Netadmin is a purposely built software solution for fibre operators. Netadmin has a well-defined framework of generic features organized in Capabilities and Add-ons, configurability and adaptability to customize and support individual needs of customers.

Netadmin is not a CRM tool, but it has many parts of what normal CRM tool has. Customer Management, Address Management as well as Ticket Management are just a few of the features available in Netadmin that you normally get from a CRM tool – but Netadmin is purposely built for fibre operators.

It will help you automate many of your processes helping you to build the perfect fibre journey.

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Webinar: Learn more about why a standard CRM doesn’t work in this webinar

Date: 11 September, October 16 or November 13.

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In this 30-minutes webinar, one of our product specialists will give you the tools to understand how to best set up your fibre business. He will also talk about how a CRM tool could work for you as a fibre operator.


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